Making the world beautiful with ARCore Android

If you’re unsatisfied with the world as it is, you may feel tempted to enhance it. To make it more beautiful. And, in 2018, Google and their ARCore Android can... Read more

Simple OCR implementation on Android with Google’s ML Kit

New technologies are evolving rapidly. Some of the newest solutions are gaining popularity every day. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is nothing new, but perfecting it with machine learning may shed... Read more

How to make a React Native app: Frontend developer’s toolkit

If you’re a web developer and you want to create a React Native app, you’re probably wondering: how can I build it in a frontend-developer-friendly way? It turns out you... Read more

Hybrid mobile apps in 2018: React Native vs Xamarin

If you’re just starting out with hybrid mobile apps, you might feel a bit lost. Online definitions can be ambiguous and guides will often lack updated information. That’s why, in... Read more

Web developer’s guide to the mobile development galaxy 2/2

So, you've read the first part of Web developer's guide to the mobile development galaxy and you already know the basics. You have a concrete idea for your app and... Read more

Web developer’s guide to the mobile development galaxy 1/2

You're a web developer, Head of Technology, maybe even a CTO. When it comes to web applications, nothing can really surprise you. But, more and more often, you’re thinking about... Read more

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