How to improve time management in software development?

When you hear “Project Manager”, you probably think about a highly caffeinated, multitasking guy who is facilitating a meeting, handling a call with a client and taking notes from a... Read more

Arctic15: A perfect balance between new technologies and networking

On May 30-31, I had pleasure to take part in the Arctic15 conference – one of the biggest startup events in Finland. I was lucky enough to experience the hottest... Read more

Brain overload: Why and how you should change your learning patterns

Modern engineers and entrepreneurs face a big challenge: they have to match, or, better yet, surpass their competitors’ knowledge and skills. Which, you may think, is nothing new. Over the... Read more

UP#27 meetup: Node the Builder

We're here again with Uszanowanko Programowanko – one of the biggest  IT meetups in Poland. This month, once again, we're gonna talk about the best Node.js practices. Original presentations, hot... Read more

4Developers 2018: The road to true knowledge

IT conferences can be divided into those about a specific technology (JS, PHP, Node, Symfony etc.) and those taking a little from everywhere. 4Developers is the ideal example of the... Read more

API Platform webinar: Symfony APIs done quick and right

API Platform is a versatile framework for building API-driven projects.  If you want to know if it's the right tool for your team, make sure to come and see the... Read more

UP#26 meetup: Code Node!

We're back with Uszanowanko Programowanko – one of the biggest software development meetups in Poland! This month we're gonna talk about the best Node.js practices. Heated discussions, hot pizza and... Read more

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