How to make a React Native app: Frontend developer’s toolkit

If you’re a web developer and you want to create a React Native app, you’re probably wondering: how can I build it in a frontend-developer-friendly way? It turns out you... Read more

Five simple tips to increase application accessibility

When you’re planning to develop a beautiful, user-friendly app with an intuitive interface, you need to consider a lot of factors. Its design, components, functions. Even if you think that... Read more

Poor man’s zero downtime deployment

When you work on a project, sooner or later you’ll have to present your results to the client. It goes without saying that you’ll be updating files, services or schemas... Read more

Beginner’s guide to making your software GDPR-ready

Your company is developing a new application. You want it to be GDPR-compliant but you’re not sure how exactly to do it? Let’s face it: it’s not only your problem.... Read more

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