Whole lotta Lottie: An open-source animation rendering tool

I’d like to introduce you to Lottie. It’s an open-source library that tries to solve one (but significant) problem – how to add some life to your product, using motion... Read more

Code splitting with React & Webpack: advanced app optimisation

When the code base grows, your app tends to slow down. To defend performance, developers arm themselves with various optimisation techniques. Unfortunately, a lot of them reach their limit pretty... Read more

Git subtree or how I stopped worrying and learned to love external dependencies

What is Git subtree? When should you use it? How to split, merge and remove external repositories using subtree? Who would win the “subtree vs submodules” battle? I’m glad you... Read more

7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend 2/2

In the first part of “7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend”, we’ve focused on some basics. I’ve mentioned immutability, pure functions and referential transparency. Now, it’s time to... Read more

7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend 1/2

Functional programming has recently become a big thing in the frontend development domain. Why so? Is it an example of hype-driven development or are there any reasonable arguments to use... Read more

Schema Markup: Why should your business care?

Search engines are a powerful tool, but the race to the top of the search results has never been fiercer. Schema Markup can help you take the lead. But what... Read more

Creating an API with Apiary: How to boost the collaboration in your team

Register for the webinar Being a backend developer in a software development team isn’t a piece of cake. Frontend and mobile developers often cannot proceed with their own job unless... Read more

How to make 50% more profit with A/B testing

When you’re developing a product or service, you want it to appeal to as many users as possible. But not everyone has the same values and taste as you do.... Read more

How to make a React Native app: Frontend developer’s toolkit

If you’re a web developer and you want to create a React Native app, you’re probably wondering: how can I build it in a frontend-developer-friendly way? It turns out you... Read more

Five simple tips to increase application accessibility

When you’re planning to develop a beautiful, user-friendly app with an intuitive interface, you need to consider a lot of factors. Its design, components, functions. Even if you think that... Read more

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