New Node.js features will make it more versatile than ever

Node.js is well-known for its speed and simplicity. As a result, more and more companies are willing to give it a shot. With the release of a new LTS (long-term... Read more

How to build an API? A Developer’s Guide to API Platform 1/2

In the article, I’ll present how to build an API in a swift and simple way, using Symfony and API Platform. This library provides a fully-working CRUD, pagination, validation, HATEOAS... Read more

Fogger: Open-source tool for GDPR-friendly data masking

As a software developer, you like to focus on software development. Unfortunately, nowadays, you also need to struggle with a bunch of data privacy-related stuff – even in the staging... Read more

Apiary: The API documentation tool that will change your API game

Say “no” to outdated documentation with Apiary APIs open up a world of possibilities for developers all over the world, making it possible to create third-party software. As such they... Read more

Git subtree or how I stopped worrying and learned to love external dependencies

What is Git subtree? When should you use it? How to split, merge and remove external repositories using subtree? Who would win the “subtree vs submodules” battle? I’m glad you... Read more

Node.js tutorial for beginners

Every technology has its own standards. No matter if it’s PHP, JavaScript, Java or Swift, there’s always a set of rules you should follow. This Node.js tutorial lists our best... Read more

PHP-PM guide: Getting started with the process manager

PHP Process Manager is a relatively new way of running PHP applications. In this article, you’ll find out what it is, how to run it and if it’s better than... Read more

Serverless in Node.js: Beginner’s guide

Serverless computing is definitely becoming a hot topic. Developers using various languages want to take advantage of its features and you certainly don’t want to fall behind with the trends.... Read more

Creating an API with Apiary: How to boost the collaboration in your team

Register for the webinar Being a backend developer in a software development team isn’t a piece of cake. Frontend and mobile developers often cannot proceed with their own job unless... Read more

Swoole: Is it Node in PHP or am I wrong?

Many PHP developers are green with envy when thinking about their colleagues who use Node. Asynchronous Node systems are sharing the codebase between protocols and serving them right out of... Read more

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